My First Wooden Mosaic (15 pieces)

Ref. 17652
Wooden Mosaic with 15 pieces to learn the colors and the different geometric shapes by fitting the pieces into the different cards. It includes 15 wooden pieces and 5 cards with different designs. Size of the cards: 280 x 180 x 2 mm. The game consists in fitting the blocks in their correct positions helped by the color and the size of the blocks. The ideal game for the youngest kids thanks to the size of its blocks and the materials used. The wood of the blocks, will withstand impact and dropping by unexperienced hands without any problem. This amusing activity with wooden blocks will help children to improve their fine motor skills and concentration. Recommended for children of 2 years or older.


Dimensions of the product

280 x 180 x 2 mm

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1 game

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Cardboard box
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