20 Jun. 2022

Discover lots of games for this summer just with chalks!


Summer is coming, heat, holidays and the need to find activities to keep the kids amused during the long summer days. Here, we propose different games for children to enjoy, just using chalks.


  1. Hopscotch

For this classic game, you only need a flat surface and a piece of chalk. First of all, draw some squares numbered one to ten on the ground; squares two and three, five and six, and eight and nine should be drawn in parallel. And the drawing and a stone are all you need to begin to play!

The first player throws a stone onto square one and jumps on all the squares except the one where the stone is, which must be picked up on the way back. In the next turn, the stone is thrown onto square two, and so on until square ten. If anyone treads outside the square or loses balance while jumping, they lose their turn. A very amusing game in which children learn to improve their balance and coordination!



  1. Painting salt with coloured chalks

An amusing handcraft with which the kids can learn the colours and those a little older can make incredible handicraft. First, place a small pile of salt on a tray. Then rub the coloured chalks to colour salt.

Once you have the salt in different colours, it can be put in glass containers. Older children can let their creativity loose and make countless drawings!


  1. Path of sums

We mustn’t forget that in the holidays it is important for children to review what they have learnt in the previous course. Therefore, we propose an amusing game to practice mathematical operations.

Draw a path with chalk and write simple mathematical operations on the squares. First, the children will throw a dice to see which square they must advance to. Once they have arrived, they must do the operation. If they do it correctly, they can continue to move forward, if not,  they must wait until their next turn. The first player to complete the whole path will be the winner!


  1. The target

Another game to have fun and practice  aiming is the classic target game. Draw a target on the ground with chalk with several concentric circles. Number each circle with points; the centre will be the highest score and the outer the lowest. The game consists in throwing stones and the winner will be the player with the most points.


  1. Let loose your creativity

Finally, another simple activity for children to enjoy simmer days is for children to make life-size drawings on the floor. Children can draw on the floor a silhouette of their friends, objects or simply let loose their creativity and make countless  creations as large as they want!

creativity chalk

Chalks are  ideal for any child to play with in summer, as they can play different games with them and take them anywhere . They can play  in the garden or in the street, as it is possible to erase the drawing once the game ends. Apli Kids has coloured or white chalks in different formats according to your needs. Try out these activities with the kids in the holidays and share your summer moments with us on our Instagram @aplikids!