We are a company with more than 85 years of experience and we are leaders in the manufacturing of self-adhesive labels and other stationery products. Our corporate strategy, based on quality, innovation and service as well as a commitment to people and the environment, has led us to be present in more than:

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Our commitments

At APLI PAPER S.A.U. we are committed to ensuring our activities minimize their negative impact on the environment, aiming for maximum safety in our processes installations and services, paying special attention to protecting our staff, partners, customers and society.

Committed to environment

Through selective disposal of waste produced by our facilities, maintenance of our green area and immediate surroundings, respecting the limits established by current regulations on atmospheric and water emissions, and controlling our energy, water and raw material consumption, among other things.

Committed to our partners

Our partners comply with the strictest reforestation policies to obtain paper; we also work with transport agents and managers authorized by the Administration in order to ensure legal management.

Committed to our employees

Through their participation in company environmental awareness activities.

Committed to our products

Our product packaging is manufactured with recyclable material, in line with the 3R’s ecological criteria: reduction, reuse and recyclability, adapting our packaging to the product to reduce the amount of waste produced. We also participate in the Spanish and German Green Dot waste management systems, while studying and improving our process in order to reduce their impact on the environment.

ECO-Stamps in this catalogue


Product manufactured with materials recovered post-consumption.


The 99% of our products can be recovered and used again after consumption.
FSC Forest Stewardship Council®

Forest Stewardship Council®

Forest certification that promotes responsible forest management, not only environmentally but also socially and economically. The FSC label identifies products that have been made with wood or wood derivatives from forests managed in accordance with this standard.
PEFC Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes

Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes

Forest certification that promotes responsible forest management, not just environmentally, but also socially and economically. Products with this label promote sustainable management of forests.

Safety, quality and respect for the environment in the manufacturing processes for our products and services are the means by which we aim to achieve our main goal and ensure the prestige of our company in our industry and in the business world in general.


o this end, we comply to the requirements of our integrated system for quality management, environmental and health and safety, whose goals are measured to ensure continual improvement in the system’s efficacy.

APLI PAPER S.A.U. has international certification for its quality system under standard ISO 9001 and its environmental management system under international standard ISA 14001.