Manualidad máscaras de carnaval para verano con APLI
11 Jul. 2023
Who says carnival can only be celebrated in winter? In this blog we learn how to make fun and beautiful masks to wear in the summer set at this time of year. Material required: Assorted papers pad
Manualidad abanicos de frutas APLI Kids
15 Jun. 2023
Summer comes next week and with it the hot days. Children start the summer holidays, and to make the days entertaining and fun we present a simple handicraft that will help fight the heat. Material
Magic Plastic APLI Kids
31 May. 2023
We present the game Magic Plastic for children to have fun performing this fun handcraft. Magic plastic turns drawings into 3D objects. Children can let their imagination flow or use the templates
Marcapáginas Sant Jordi APLI Kids
19 Apr. 2023
Here comes St George’s day, a party where roses and books are given to loved ones. It is a good tradition to introduce children to reading and encourage older children to read new books. This year we