Etiquetas para cocina
28 Feb. 2020
Glass jars have become ever more popular in the kitchen, to store pasta, rice, flour, legumes, spices and even biscuits and cereals. One of the benefits of using them is that food is preserved better
14 Nov. 2019
If you had a good summer, you surely took thousands of photos during the holidays. But now you have returned to your everyday routine, your cup of coffee in the morning, work, school… the time has come to redecorate your things with memories of the summer! With today’s handicraft activity, you can put your favourite photos on the cup you use every morning, you can decorate the windows of the house, or simply make all sorts of decorations… So, you won’t forget all those good times!
17 Oct. 2019
There is nothing summerier than ice lolly sticks! Summer, between one swim and another, is a perfect time to teach the kids words, syllables and, in addition, they have fun with them. Do you think it’s impossible? With today’s handicraft activity, you will make amusing DIY puzzles with lolly pop sticks, for the kids and with the kids.
17 Oct. 2019
Con este calorcito y el buen tiempo, ¡cómo nos apetece salir de casa! La playa, un buen picnic al aire libre o irnos de vacaciones… ¡los planes de verano son geniales! Para que los peques no se aburran al salir de casa y hagan un break de tanta pantalla, hoy os proponemos algunos juegos APLI Kids que os podéis llevar donde sea.