Manualidades decoración verano APLI Kids
17 Jun. 2024
We start the last week of the academic year, summer is already coming and with it, the heat. It’s time to do activities related to this time of year, and there’s no better theme for kids to develop
Bracaletes de la amistad APLI
07 May. 2024
Creating friendship bracelets is a very fun handicraft for children to do! With this activity, children will encourage creativity and express their personal style by combining colours and stimulating
Marcapáginas para niños APLI
09 Apr. 2024
International Book Day is coming up, and to celebrate it we have created three fun and original bookmarks to make reading more fun. Encouraging children to read is critical to their cognitive
Manualidad Pascua APLI
04 Mar. 2024
There is little left for holidays and Easter time! During the holidays, children have more free time to do creative activities at home with the family. That’s why we propose three fun crafts easy to