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Aprender a jugar Magnet Sistema solar
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Solar system magnets

Magnetic game model Solar system to help the little ones to discover our Solar system, moon phases, seasons and constellations.

Cómo jugar puzle APLI
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Puzzle Observation Junior Savannah

Observation Puzzle, Savannah model. Once the puzzle is assembled, kids will have to find the objects of the cards hidden in the puzzle.

Puzzle Top Secret
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Puzzle Top Secret Dogs

Puzzle Secret, Dogs model. The little ones will have fun assembling this puzzle and using the magic glasses for discover what is hidden in the areas shaded in red.

Puzles circulares APLI Kids
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Circular Puzzles

Circular puzzles of different themes. A different way to play!
Magnet Human Body
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Magnets Human Body

Magnetic game, The human body model, to help kids get used to the different parts of the human body.

Sticker game Dino
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Sticker game Dinos

Stickers game, Dino model in metallic box. The purpose of the game is to complete the drawings on the cards using different stickers.