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Mosaico Diamante APLI Kids
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Diamond Mosaic

A game to create mosaics with colorful diamonds. The game consists in completing the drawings on the cards with brilliant diamonds for a spectacular finish.
Juego de gomets Pez APLI Kids
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Stickers game Ocean

Sticker game, Ocean model, illustrated exclusively by Daniela Massironi. The purpose of the game is to complete the drawings on the cards using different geometrical stickers.
Pizarra magnética APLI Kids
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Magnetic Board

Magnetic board includes a yellow pencil with a metal tip to write, draw and create figures. It helps to develop fine motor skills, memory and the imagination, encourages concentration and promotes logical-mathematical thinking.

Magnets Emotions APLI Kids
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Emotions magnets

Magnetic game, Emotions model, to create faces and identify the moods of the characters. A game with a high didactic value!
Mosaico goma EVA Jungla
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Jungle EVA foam mosaic

Game to create mosaics of Jungle designs with EVA adhesive pre-cut foam in different colours and finishes. The game consists of completing the drawings on the cards with EVA adhesive foam for a spectacular finish.
Puzle Cuerpo Humano APLI Kids
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Puzzle Human Body

Puzzle Human Body model to discover the different parts, skeleton, organs and muscles. Includes 15 cards with detailed information in 12 different languages!