15 Jun. 2023

Creates fruit fans to fight the heat!

Manualidad abanicos de frutas APLI Kids

Summer comes next week and with it the hot days. Children start the summer holidays, and to make the days entertaining and fun we present a simple handicraft that will help fight the heat.


Material required:

  • Cardboard pad assorted colours
  • Wooden sticks assorted colours
  • Markers
  • Metal binders
  • Scissors
  • White glue or adhesive blue stick
Material for handicraft APLI Kids

Follow these simple steps to create fruit fans. We have chosen the following fruits: kiwi, coconut, watermelon, and pineapple. But you can create your favourite fruits!

  1. Cut out a crescent-shaped rectangle on the coloured cardboards. Choose the color of the fruit you want and you can stick another slimmer rectangle on one of the edges with the other color of the fruit. For example, in watermelon we have used red and green.Handicraft of fruit fans of APLI Kids
  2. Decorate with markers the details of each fruit. We have drawn the seeds on the watermelon and the kiwi, and the peel of the pineapple and the coconut.Handcraft APLI Kids
  3. Choose a color of the wooden sticks for each fruit. Depending on the size of the cardboard, group 3 to 5 sticks. Make a hole at the end of the sticks and attach them with a binder.Handcraft APLI Kids
  4. Fold the cards like a harmonica. The number of sheets should be twice the number of wooden sticks you want to glue. Finally, just stick the sticks on the cardboard and you will have your fan.Handcraft APLI Kids

Enjoy the simple activity with your children or in your family room! Fight the heat of long summer days with our activity. You can watch the step-by-step video on our IG (@aplikids) and discover more activities. And don’t forget to share your creativity with us!