12 Jul. 2018

Build a Summer Tepee!

  How about building a lovely “teepee” for your children this summer? Give them a space where they can hide and play, but above all a place where nobody will disturb them, because they also need their privacy Let's get started! First of all, you have to get the following material: -5 bamboo rods, about 2.5 m long. (you can  find them in any Do-it-yourself or gardening shop, and they are very cheap!) -Dressy Bond Apli cloth in several colours and in a roll. You are sure to love its versatility and flexibility. -A needle -Some thread -A sewing machine (you can make it by hand, but it will be faster with a sewing machine) -A ruler -Scissors -Apli sisal rope -A pencil insidepost_7 Step 1: Start by cutting the sides of the tepee. The tepee has 4 sides (brown) and the door, made in three parts, the top part (green) and two pieces forming the door. In this illustration, you can see the measurements and number of pieces to cut. The measurements are established so you can make it with our roll of Dressy Bond, which is 80 cm wide.   esquematipi *Of course, you can use any colours you want :) insidepost_2 insidepost_3 insidepost 4 insidepost_5 Aplikids tip: As the pieces are large, to make the diagonals just fold the cloth from one point to the other and mark the diagonal by creasing the cloth. Dressy Bond is perfect for this, because it has a partly cloth, partly paper texture, so the shapes of the pieces are easy to mark! insidepost_1 Step 2: Once you have cut all the pieces, they need to be sewn together. We used a sewing machine, but of course, you can do it by hand and it will also be perfect. To sew, just leave a margin of 1 cm on each side and sew the pieces together. insidepost_6 Aplikids tip: The yellow pieces go on top of each other and are sewn under the green top part. Being superimposed a little, it gives the impression that the door of the tepee is open. insidepost_8 Step 3: When all the pieces are sewn together, you have to turn the cloth inside out and make some loops with the same brown cloth, which will be used to insert the bamboo rods through them and make the tepee stand up. We fitted 2 loops on each side, one at the top and another at the bottom. You will have to make a total number 10 loops measuring about 6 x 9 cm. insidepost_9  Aplikids tip: If you take the reel of thread and wrap the piece of Dressy Bond that you cut to make the loop around it, you will see that its diameter is similar to that of the bamboo rod, so you have a reference for the space you must leave when you sew it to the sides. Step 4: Now set your imagination to work and decorate the tepee as you wish. We have made these sorts of patterns to decorate the brown sides, but you can surely think up something better. insidepost_10 Step 5: Insert the bamboo rods through the hoops with the teepee inside out. insidepost_11 Step 6: Tie the 5 bamboo rods together with a piece of cord, as you can see in the photo. insidepost_12 Voila! You now have your summer tepee! You will see how your children’s mouths are gaping...something, by the way, indispensable if you want to play Indians. insidepost_15 insidepost_13