24 Jan. 2019

Give your old t-shirts a new lease of life

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Failed to find anything in the sales? Is your wardrobe full of clothes that you no longer wear? Well, now is the time to give them a second opportunity! Take note of these ideas to extend the life of your clothes or customise them as you wish. 155280-OUEQZL-754   Paint your clothes you can paint and decorate all types of garments with 6 different colours- yellow, red, green, blue, brown and black- using APLI’s Textile Colour Sticks. Do you have any old t-shirts you no longer wear? A cloth bag? A hat? Roll up your sleeves and transform each garment into something unique!                        17539       The special solid tempera paints for textiles dry in the open air in 12 hours or by using a hair dryer or ironing the garment with protective paper if you want it to dry faster. They are wash-resistant once dried. APLI’s Colour Stick also do not stain, do not need any varnish and are non- toxic, so they are also ideal to be used by children. Customise all your objects APLI’s Decor Pen not only allows you to decorate t-shirts but also any type of object! You can customise picture frames, cups, glasses, books, schoolbooks or backpacks and sneakers Discover 3D effect and its different finishes: metallic, pearl or with glitter. Quick and easy to use! Draw with the Decor Pen and leave to dry for 24-48 hours.   _                     14966 Prints and transfer your ideas You can also customise your clothes with APLI’s transfer papers. Choose your favourite photo, a phrase you like or create your own design to customise t-shirts for parties, weddings, etc. for either white or coloured garments. APLI has a transfer paper suitable for every occasion.   TEXTIL  Once you have chosen the design, just follow the instructions included in each pack: print, cut out, and iron. It’s easy-peasy! The transfer paper designs are also wash-resistant. It is important to wash these garments in cold water so as not to lose the design of your new shirt. Take up DIY this season and have fun with the whole family designing and customising your clothes to make them one of a kind. Give your clothes a new lease of life! ;)