19 Sep. 2014

Roses are red... and any other way you want!

material2 Spring is overrated. Ok, so the weather is better, the days are longer, you can wear new clothes...but this is not the only time when the plants are in flower! Yes, really! There are flowers that come out in autumn as well as in winter. And not to mention summer. However, we are going to let you in on a secret, we have a trick to have flowers all year around to adorn your little princess´s head. Use your creativity and let your ideas blossom!   MATERIAL Apli fuchsia, blue and green felt Apli instant glue Apli scissors Needle and thread A hair clip   STEP 1 Draw a 7 x7 square onto the Apli felt and cut it out. Use it as a stencil to make 2 more squares from Apli felt in any colour of choice. Draw a spiral onto each one of the squares, trying to keep a distance of 1cm between the lines and cut it out. Afterwards, draw and cut out the leaves. -paso3 flor STEP 2 Start to roll the spiral around itself, beginning in the centre. When you finish, sew the rose from the inside, putting the first stitch in the centre and bringing the thread outside. Repeat the operation until you have sewn the entire base like the spokes of a bike. -paso4 flor   -paso5 flor STEP 3 Sew the rose onto the base. You can also put a drop of glue on the side of the roses to stick them together so that they are more compact. Now paste the base to the hair clip with the Apli instant glue and...voilà! Now you have your bouquet! -pso7 flor Time to show it off!