08 Oct. 2018

Magnetic attraction!

Playing is essential for kids! Isn't that right? The way that our kids play can give us many clues to help understand their personality and play helps us strengthen certain skills, knowledge, and capabilities that will continue to enrich kids’ personality. Therefore, analysing the games we create is very important for APLI Kids always from a perspective of learning and development. And one great example is our collection of magnets, which is becoming increasingly larger and more specialised. Below are our two categories of Magnets, one focused on learning and another with a more fun and recreational focus. 1-Magnets that promote learning. These games are perfect to continue promoting the composition of words, reading, geographic location, and emotional intelligence for kids at home. You can choose between our new set of Magnets Letters, composed of 60 magnets with all the letters of the alphabet and different animals, to allow kids to form their first words in a fun way; our magnetic World map to let them travel to places around the globe while learning a simple geography along the way; the Emotions Magnet that works on emotional facial expressions with children, and finally our new Season Magnet, perfect for learning about the passage of time with little ones. insidepost_1 insidepost_5 insidepost_6 insidepost2 2-Magnets that promote imagination. This magnet range is more playful and aims to develop kids’ creative side. Dress up Magnet, Fashion Magnets, and Faces Magnets are games that allow our kids to create different characters, through a combination of different pieces or garments, from very basic ones such as a pirate or a nurse, to more sophisticated ones, such as a runway model. Lastly, City Cars Magnets, an association game for little ones, where they can pretend they are driving an ambulance or a school bus and can only let on the proper passengers. insidepost_3 insidepost_4 insidepost_7 We already know how our kids love to learn while playing, something we can help to happen.