14 Dec. 2018

May your wishes come true!

  insidepost_1 The tradition of decorating a tree with different wishes is celebrated in different parts of the world, such as Japan, China, India and even in certain European countries such as Scotland and Ireland. The wish is written on small cards that hang from the branches of a beautiful tree that represents the "Grantor of wishes". The spirit of nature, a god or the universe itself can be invoked; the question is for our wishes to end up coming true or at least that we write them down so that they are not forgotten. Today, we are going to make our own wishing tree, basically using cardboard to help children make it without any problems. These are the materials we are going to use: -APLI two-colour twine -APLI wire -Tree_template -Cards_template -APLI red cardboard -APLI white cardboard -Double-sided sticky tape -Simple hole punch -Scissors APLI -Adhesive spray for paper   insidepost_3


First download the template with the tree silhouette. It is designed in four DinA4 to allow you to print it out on a home printer. When you print it out on paper or cardboard of a thickness that your printer can withstand, cut it out and join its parts. Take two white sheets of 50 cm x 65 cm cardboard and stick them together with adhesive spray to make the tree more rigid. Now all you have to do is mark the template that you joined earlier on the white double cardboard that you have just stuck and cut out the silhouette. Also cut out the base that is on the template to then secure it to the tree. insidepost_4


Once you have cut out the double pieces on the white cardboard, remove them carefully and place several APLI wires on some of the branches and the central trunk. Use double-sided adhesive tape so that they do not move too much. Restick the two pieces of white cardboard. This will allow the tree to remain rigid once we place the base. insidepost_7


Print out the card templates for your wishing tree. Print them out on APLI kraft paper or coloured cardboard. Punch a hole in them if you have a simple hole punch in order to pass the twine through. insidepost_6 insidepost_5 insidepost_2 Now all you have to do is write down your top wishes for 2019. Don't leave any out; you never know which one may come true!