07 Mar. 2019

Painting a better world

Group Of Toddlers Painting While Their Carer Tidies
Kids and painting.....a perfect match! Painting is a perfect distraction and relaxing activity for kids, the ideal pastime that is full of benefits. And getting themselves covered in paint and experimenting with colours are activities that will assist in their development. Our new range of APLI Kids Paint&Fun gives you everything you need to ensure they have great fun and develop their artistic and creative side. Don't be afraid to get dirty! Getting dirty can be super fun for little ones: exploring the world around them through touch while also strengthening their immune system. However, parents are not really as enthusiastic about having to remove all the stains and dirt from clothes, right? Thanks to the APLI paint apron, you no longer have to worry about this while they are splashing paint around! The apron will protect their clothes while they paint, and also contains a handy pocket to store their painting tools. Group Of Toddlers Painting While Their Carer Tidies   A good painter needs the best tools Van Gogh was highly unlikely to have painted with his fingers despite how much fun it is. Our Paint&Fun range offers a wide variety of different-sized brushes in a range of different tips to allow little ones to choose whatever one they wish: jumbo flat-tip brushes, jumbo round-tip brushes, wooden brushes in a range of tips and sizes, plastic pallets to put paint into and mix them up and even a plastic pot that cannot tip over. APLI Kids has an enormous range of resources to allow kids to paint just like a pro! Pinceles 700 x 500   A museum on the fridge Magnetic canvases are an ideal and creative solution for kids that are already seasoned artists and whose many paintings already adorn your fridge. Canvases in the shape of mini hearts or mini squares, a flower or a star, for kids to paint on them, which you can stick on any metallic surface. Paint allows kids to express feelings and emotions and stimulates attention, memory, and boosts their self-esteem when they finish their pictures.          _____       1747317474 Painting with stamps Shapes and colours that kids used to paint help them express themselves without using words. It is important to use tools that adapt to their size to encourage them to paint, such as the jumbo sponge stamps. These stamps allows kids to draw by stamping out the shapes with paint on the canvas and taking their first steps in the world of art.   Sellos 500 x 700   Kids can learn to recognise early alphabetic and numeric shapes with the number and letter shaped stamps. Learning the alphabet and numbers in a fun manner can facilitate learning as well as being a super fun tool for kids.   Discover all the benefits of paint for your kids with the range of APLI Kids Paint & Fun range. Little ones will be introduced to the world of painting using fun materials that have been especially designed for them and that will help stimulate and develop their creativity. Let’s get painting!