25 Jul. 2018

Customise your bags and backpacks!

  Today, we will present a very simple and quick to make handicraft activity that will personalise and make your backpacks or eco-bags fun. This is so easy that you can do it perfectly with children any summer evening,  so they can customise their backpacks for the new school year. The following material will be used: 1/ APLI felt 2/APLI silicone glue. 3/ APLI scissors 4/Template 5/Safety pins 6/APLI adhesive letters material_parches Step 1: Download the templates for the patches. We are going to make a pineapple, a bolt of lightining and a “Love” ribbon, but you can surely think up thousands of different shapes and messages… we know your imagination has no limits.   Captura de pantalla 2018-07-25 a las 14.15.50   Step 2: Cut out all the pieces separately and choose the APLI felt colours you like best. Then place them on the felt and mark the pieces with a ball pen or marker pen. Tip: It is difficult to mark the templates on black felt, so we recommend that you attach  the paper template to the felt with safety pins and cut the piece directly.   paso1 paso2 Step 3: When you have all the pieces cut out on the coloured felt, stick some on the top of others with APLI silicon glue, it's clean and the pieces will be perfectly attached. paso3 paso4 Step 4: Stick the “Love” APLI letters on the felt. There are other messages that you may like more, such as “Kiss”, “Friends”, etc. It's your choice! paso5 Step 5: Fit the safety pin to the patch. You can also stitch it to the felt so it is easier to attach to the backpack or bag. paso6 Now your bag is ready and does not look like any other! final1 final2