08 Aug. 2018

A bit of tidiness, please!

How about turning an everyday object like a dirty clothes basket into something unique and different? And, in addition, if you do it on a Sunday afternoon in the company of your children? Then it would be brilliant, wouldn't it? It will be perfect in the children's bedroom and in addition, it will be a good way for them to learn how to put away their things and not leave clothes all over the floor. Materials to use: - 2 rolls of APLI sisal cord - Dressy Bond APLI cloth - APLI silicone glue - APLI scissors - A cardboard box - APLI double-sided adhesive tape - APLI masking tape materiales_cesto STEP 1: Take a cardboard box and place it in vertical position. Remove the upper part with scissors or a cutter. Make sure that the box is well closed on the sides, using masking tape wherever necessary.   insidepost_1 STEP 2: Start wrapping the sisal cord around the box. First tie it up with a knot at the bottom. insidepost_4 Then spread the silicone glue on the sides of the box as you wrap the cord around it. It will take some time to cover the box, but it is worth it, and it will look great. insidepost_5 insidepost_6 To secure the end of the cord on the box, we recommend making a hole on one of the edges and insert the cord through it. Then make another hole in the other end, pass the cord though it and tie a knot at the end. insidepost_3 insidepost2 STEP 3: Once the box is covered with sisal cord, make the interior bag with Dressy Bond. Cut out two pieces: One measuring 1 m x 48 cm and the other 25cm x 25cm. Leave a 1.5 cm edge on the square piece to join it to the long piece. The other piece only needs 1.5 cm on one of the short sides. insidepost_7 insidepost_8 Join the two pieces with APLI double-sided adhesive tape, although you can also sew them together, if you have time and feel like doing it. insidepost_9 insidepost_10 STEP 4: Putthe Dressy Bond bag inside the basket and fold the top part so it is outside the basket. You can also add some letters or words to make it unique and different. insidepost_11 insidepost_12