30 Aug. 2018

Getting ready to return to school!

  Although there are still some days of summer left to enjoy, the time your children start the new school year is close. Preparations to return to school, as well as being an amusing activity, also prepare them mentally for a return to their everyday routine. Today, we will show you a very simple handicraft activity, so they can make their own mini pencil case with their favourite pencils. Basically, it involves sewing felt and decorating the pencil case with labels, letters, pompoms or any other material you can think of. This is the material we have used: -APLI coloured felt - APLI printed buttons -A needle -Thread - APLI scissors - A small elastic band -APLI labels  

 STEP 1:

Start by cutting two pieces of felt: one measuring 23 cm x 20.5 cm and the other 23 cm x 10 cm. Choose the colours you prefer. We have chosen two different colours, but the pencil case can be made in the same colour and then decorated as you wish. insidepost_1


Fold the upper part of the larger piece about 3.5 cm land make a narrow opening in the centre with a cutter or scissors, this will be to fit the rubber band that will enable you to join the flap to the button that will be fitted later. insidepost_8 insidepost_9  

Step 3:

Stitch the rubber band with thread of a similar colour to the felt. insidepost_7


Sew the whole pencil case, starting from the sides. insidepost_5 insidepost_6


Sew on the button and make sure the case closes perfectly. insidepost_4


Decorate the case with labels, letters or any other material you can think of. Remember that APLI has thousands of ideas and products to stimulate your imagination! insidepost_3 insidepost_2