05 Dec. 2018

The 4 gift rule

Photo by Kira auf der Heide on Unsplash
Christmas is here accompanied by the headaches on how to choose what gift to give your little ones. This very important time of the year can sometimes get out of hand with kids getting so many gifts that they cannot pay as much attention to each of them as they should. They get overwhelmed with so many gifts. They almost do not have time to enjoy each of them basically due to having yet another to unwrap It is difficult to teach them how to appreciate what they have if they become oversaturated at holiday time. Certain child psychology experts believe that limiting gifts rather than radically cutting them out is a good way to prevent this saturation. They even give a specific amount: ideally 4 gifts. Each of these gifts would have a different purpose: 1- Something that they can wear. This can be clothes, shoes, a schoolbag or similar accessories. insidepost_7
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2- Something that is related to reading or another game with a clear educational focus APLI Kids can help you out with this one, thanks to our many games to develop your child’s cognitive development. Here are some examples: Our addition puzzle to learn while playing while reinforcing new skills that your child is learning at school. insidepost_4 The World Map Magnet for kids to develop their geographical knowledge and to familiarise themselves with continents and countries. insidepost_6 And our A, B, C puzzle composed of all the letters of the alphabet, perfect for learning how to build words as large buildings.


3-Something that they really, really want. This would be the star gift, something they have waited all year for.


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4-Something they actually need. This opens up a lot of possible range of gifts and will depend on each child and their needs. insidepost_3
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This would be the so-called 4 gift rule, something that is very much recommended now that Christmas not far away, not only to get yourself organised but also to continue transmitting the best values to your children.