20 Dec. 2018

The essentials for this Christmas!

There is always something that we just can’t do without. Something that is essential on your little ones’ wish list. Today, we bring you a selection of the best APLI Kids games to give your kids this Christmas. Essentials for this Christmas.... 1/ A wooden game. Wooden games are enjoyable, with their smell, feel and the consistency of their pieces making them games that are still in homes many years later. One example is this is the Balancing Game, where children can test their mental and manual skills in a game of balance where they will try to build a pyramid of penguins in the North Pole. (Click here to find more APLI Kids wooden games). insidepost_1 2/ A game for learning words and letters. This game that promotes learning for children is an essential. Our Magnet Letters composed of 60 magnets containing the letters of the alphabet and different animals, is one of these types of games. They will learn to compose their first words and fun sentences while playing. (Click here to find more APLI Kids magnet games). insidepost_1 3/ A gift that stimulates imagination and symbolic play. Another essential on the Christmas gift list for kids should be a game that stimulates the imagination, inviting them to invent stories while they play. We recommend our Magnets City Cars, an association game, where they will be able to pretend that they are driving an ambulance, saving many patients and where we all end up being inseparable friends. insidepost_4 4/ A game that stimulates concentration and fine motor skills. These are just the puzzle for this. We at APLI Kids have an extensive range of types and sizes of games, but today we are recommending our XXL Puzzles, giant puzzles to have a ball assembling a farm or a city, and our wooden puzzle My First Puzzle for children aged 2 and over, will enhance their fine motor skills and concentration, slotting pieces of wood into place, while also beginning to familiarise themselves with numbers. (Click here to see more APLI Kids puzzles) insidepost_3 insidepost_1 insidepost_4 We hope you liked our selection of games. We would like to wish you a Merry Christmas full of health, love and empathy!