16 Nov. 2018

Touch wood!

It’s hard to pinpoint what it is about wooden toys that evoke the most cherished memories and moments from our childhood. Their scent, touch and the consistency of their pieces make them especially beautiful and stand the test of time. These are typical games that we all have at home and end up forming part of all our family memories. We at APLI love them, the reason why we have expanded our wooden toy range this year. Today we are going to tell you about some of our news. New Balancing Game: Testing your little ones’ mental, manual and concentration skills at home is easy with this balancing game, entirely manufactured with precious pieces of wood in a range of sizes and colours. Kids will have to try to stack the penguins, depending on the colour that the dice brings up, which has different colours on each face, placing one piece on top of the other. The challenge of this balancing game is to try to place each piece as carefully as possible in order to build a super pyramid of penguins in the North Pole. Ideal for the whole family. Wow! And at an unbeatable price! Buy it here. insidepost_1 New City Blocks: Our series of games of wooden construction blocks were such a hit that we added one more to the collection this year: City Blocks, a set of illustrated wooden pieces to allow little ones to build their own city. Kids will be able to take it anywhere and continue playing no matter where they are thanks to the bag it comes with. insidepost_2 As we know, each child has their own favourite theme, and the Blocks collection contains other scenarios such as circus, farm and animal themes. New My First Puzzle: We love this new item thanks to its dual functionality… One! Build the XXL pieces puzzle. Two! Fit the wooden pieces in their corresponding place. Two ideal activities to help kids strengthen their fine motor skills and concentration. The materials of the puzzle and the blocks can withstand being dropped and banged by inexperienced players. Find it here. insidepost_3 insidepost_4 If you want to get started on thinking about Christmas gifts, we at APLI Kids have so many great gift options as there are different children on the planet. You will definitely find the perfect gift you are looking for!