08 Nov. 2013

A very valuable ring for mum!

Anillo para el día de la madre Apli
Regalo día de la madre And when it comes to your mother, not even diamonds from Tiffany´s can match the value of a ring made by her little one with his or her own little hands. For mother's day, we want to make the most glamorous rings. Breakfast in bed with the whole family + an Apli ring, making her the happiest person in the world! Material:  - Apli pipe cleaners - Apli Pom poms - Apli white glue - Apli scissors STEP 1. Using the Apli scissors, cut off several pieces from the pipe cleaners (the extent of each piece depends on the thickness of her finger) and then gather the ends, making a circle through which the finger will pass. Now we have the base of the ring! STEP 2. We will decorate the ring with Apli pom poms. Little presentation tip: mix pom pom colours and sizes. Once you have thought of the design and the combination, we paste them with the APLI white glue to bind the pipe cleaners.. Now that area is closed! STEP 3. ¡Give it as a gift to your mum accompanied by a very big kiss!