08 Nov. 2013

A one-of-a-kind necklace!

Un collar único en el mundo It doesn't take much money to have valuable jewellery. And there is nothing more valuable than something that you've made by yourself. Today we will make a handicraft that girls will love: a cardboard necklace that no other girl in class will have. It will be one-of-a-kind! MATERIAL Corrugated cardboard (the type that comes with a gap with a wavy sheet of cardboard in the middle) Apli coloured stickers Apli coloured adhesive tape Apli washitape Brush Scooby Doo threads Apli glitter paper STEP 1. With the Apli scissors, we cut the corrugated cardboard into circles. Little trick: we will make our circles in different sizes to add more personality to our cardboard piece of jewellery. CollarCarton3CollarCarton2 STEP 2. We pass the Scooby Doo thread through the spaces in the cardboard circle (the reason why we need it to be corrugated cardboard! It makes it easier! Little presentation trick: we intersperse large and small circles Ah, coool, look at it taking shape! CollarCarton5 STEP 3. Now we decorate our cardboard necklace with stickers, paint, coloured fabrics, papers, and glitter glue by Apli. As our taste dictates. It will be the only one of its kind in the whole world. CollarCarton4 STEP 4. Oh la la! It has turned out… WOW! Now its time to wear it and ooze lots of style. This necklace is priceless! CollarCarton6