29 Jun. 2018

A photo opportunity!

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  Summer moments are highly photographable, but, of course, you are not always ready with your mobile to catch the perfect moment. With this monster photos handicraft activity, that will not be a problem, you can take photos of your kids, a fun moment, and a creatively decorated space that are very Instagrammable! Shall we get started? Monsters-13 Materials for two photo-monsters 4 APLI  pieces of coloured EVA rubber (2 colours)  APLI coloured sheets of card  APLI scissors An APLI cutter  APLI stapler APLI silicone glue (to stick the card to the EVA rubber) APLI glue stick (to stick sheets of card together) APLI masking tape  Monster templates Monster 1: Monster_Template_1 Monster 2: Monster_Template_2 Strips of wood or hard cardboard (whatever you have at hand to act as a support) Monsters-01 Step 1 Download and print the templates, one for each monster. Print them on A3 sheets. Each template has 4 sheets. Monster 1: Monster_Template_1 Monster 2: Monster_Template_2 Monsters-02 Step 2 Cut out the pieces using the template: the whole edge of the monster as well as its teeth, tongue, belly and the mouth opening. Now trace them onto a sheet of card in the colour you want! We made the monster in orange card, the teeth and belly white and the tongue red. Monsters-04 Step 3 Join the two pieces of EVA rubber (we chose a yellow background) with masking tape to make the background where the monster will be stuck. Monsters-03 Step 4 Put your orange monster on top, draw the mouth opening and cut the EVA rubber as in the illustration. Monsters-06 Monsters-07 Step 5 Now stick the teeth and tongue on to the EVA rubber with silicone glue, as in the illustration. Monsters-08 Monsters-09 Step 6 Stick the orange monster on top, also with silicone glue, making sure that the mouth openings coincide. Stick the belly to the monster. This is how it should look! Monsters-10 Step 7 The last step is to staple the yellow EVA rubber (the one you used as background) to the wooden (or cardboard ) strips you have at home. Monsters-11 And, grrr! brrr! roarrr! You have your monsters and an amusing photo opportunity. Monsters-13 Who will be the first to put their head into these monster mouths? Monsters-12