28 Nov. 2018

What a noisy reindeer!

As we already told you a few days ago, we are preparing for Christmas with handicrafts full of Christmas spirit. Today, we bring you a simple reindeer hairband with bells that will not go unnoticed over the holiday season. Material we will need APLI red felt Needle Red thread APLI bells APLI pipe cleaners APLI scissors Antler template Red hairband insidepost_7


Download the template in order to cut out the red APLI into in the shape of reindeer antlers. Cut out four identical pieces. insidepost_8 insidepost_1

 STEP 2:

Join the pieces two at a time. Start by only sewing the most uniform side in order to be able to insert a skeleton made with pipe cleaners that we made earlier. Then sew all around the edges of each antler, leaving the bottom open. insidepost_2 insidepost_3


Sew on the bells. Add as many as you wish! insidepost_4 insidepost_5


Stick the antlers to the headband, with the aid of the lower part of the pipe cleaners that we left unstitched. Wrap them around the hairband a couple of times to ensure they are properly secured. Sew the final part of the felt antlers to the hairband that we have already tightened. insidepost_6 A little noisy but this is allowed, after all it’s Christmas!