11 Jul. 2023

Masks for the summer carnival

Manualidad máscaras de carnaval para verano con APLI

Who says carnival can only be celebrated in winter? In this blog we learn how to make fun and beautiful masks to wear in the summer set at this time of year.


Material required:

  • Assorted papers pad
  • Markers
  • Moving eyes, pipe cleaner or pom-poms
  • Stickers Sea animals
  • Scissors
  • White glue or adhesive blue stick
Materialies manualidad julio APLI

Have fun creating the best masks to dress up in the summer with these simple steps. We have created diving goggles, a crab, and an island.

  1. Cut a cardboard of the color you prefer the shape of the mask. It can be in any way you want! We cut out some diving goggles, the shape of an island and the body of a crab. Make two eye holes in each of them.Manualidad verano máscaras APLI paso 1
  2. Cut out a rectangle of cellophane paper and stick it behind the cardboard so that the eye area is covered, but the children can see through it.Manualidad carnaval verano APLI paso 2
  3. On the cardboard cut out different shapes to complete the characters. We have cut out a diving tube and we have completed it with details and some bubbles coming out of the top. In the crab, we have cut off the legs and the tongs. And on the island, we stick a palm tree and on the bottom the sea.Manualidad abanicos de frutas APLI paso 3
  4. 4. Now comes the fun part! You can decorate the mask with different materials such as pom-poms, moving eyes, pipe cleaners. We have chosen the Sea animals stickers to finish decorating our mask and give it a more summery and special touch.Manualidad verano APLI paso 4
  5. 5. Finally, make sure your mask stays in place while wearing it. You must make two small holes on each side. Measure the length of the yarn needed to fit your head comfortably.

Ready for the summer carnival! Dance, laugh and enjoy this festivity full of fun and vibrant colours. Remember that the most important thing is to enjoy the creative process with the kids and let their imagination fly. In our IG (@aplikids) you will find the step-by-step video. Don’t forget to share your costumes!