17 Oct. 2019

Take your fun to the street!

With the heat and good weather, you love to get out of the house! The beach, a good picnic in the open air or going on holidays… summer plans are brilliant! For the kids not to get bored out of the house and take a break from their screens, we are going to propose some APLI Kids games that you can take wherever you want. Magnetic fun Kids (as well as grownups) love how magnetic pieces stick together like magic. With this practical case format, APLI Kids Mini Magnets are a perfect game for taking outdoors. Kids will decorate the FieldJungle or City drawings with the coloured magnets. minimagnets v2 Amusing traditional games Some games never go out of fashion! Who hasn’t tried to spot the differences between two pictures or has tried to find the way out of a maze? Kids can take these amusing games,  with their cardboard box with a handle, when going to the swimming pool or a terrace. With the included pencil, they will have a great time spotting the Differences in sports, looking for the way out of the Maze of the World or finding the odd man out in Professions quik games v2 Games with stickers are another must. Fun, educational and easy to play anywhere, this educational sticker game is practical to carry and will become one of the kid’s favourite games. For sure! With a guide with colours and different designs, the kids will decorate the illustrated cards of Animals, the Ocean or the Jungle. Scratch and colour Another ideal game to take on summer outings is this APLI Kids pad for scratching and colouring. With two different subjects, the magical fairies and the refreshing winter, these pads have several sheets that the kids can scratch with the included stick and discover the colours and drawings hidden under the black. The kids will have a great time with this original pad! bloc v2 Another super practical format to take out into the open is this rollup blackboard. Very easy to carry thanks to its original format, it includes two pieces of coloured chalk and a duster for kids to draw, colour and erase as many times as they want. Let’s bring out the little artist they have inside! pissarra v2 This summer, with APLI Kids games, you can take the fun outdoors and be sure that the kids will not get bored at any time. Long live the summer and good weather in the open air! boys-3396713_1920 v2