Estuches Up North APLI

Triangular pencil case Up North

New pencil case Up North in triangular format. Its wide color palette and Nordic design makes this case an elegant and timeless fashion accessory.
Marcos magnéticos APLI Oficina

Magnetic self-adhesive frame

Magnetic self-adhesive frame ideal to hang important documents or images. Ideal for informing about calendars, reminders, menus and even hang important pictures!
Cuadros magnéticos APLI

Magnetic adhesive squares

New magnetic adhesive squares easy to apply, long lasting and high quality fixation. A product suitable for a wide variety of applications.
Animales estrujables APLI Kids

Squeeze me

Insects and dogs squeezable with realistic effect, ideal for anti-stress toys. You can squeeze them again and again!
Pegatinas con escenario APLI Kids

Sticker game with scene

New scene with different themes to fill with stickers: fire station, dinosaurs, the ocean and outer space. The stickers are removable, you can stick and unstick more than once!

Gomets huellas de gatitos

Hearts educational stickers in bag

New reference of themed stickers in bag with cat prints shapes of different colors.