Etiquetas de regalo APLI

Christmas Gift labels

New Christmas gift labels to decorate postcards, packages, cards or other details for this Christmas.
Puzle cuerpo humano

Puzzle Human Body

Discover the parts of the human body, the skeleton, the organs and the muscles with the Human Body puzzle! Includes cards to learn in 12 different languages.
Puzles progresivos APLI Kids

Puzzles My First

The little ones will have fun learning to assemble their first puzzles in a progressive way. Games with large pieces to make easy handling for the little ones.
Puzles brillan en la oscuridad APLI Kids

Puzzles Glow in the dark

Two new puzzle designs Glow in the Dark: Flowers and Dinosaurs. Children will have fun creating the puzzle and then discover what is underneath the designs. When you turn off the light, you will discover hidden designs!
Juegos magnéticos APLI Kids


New magnets to develop dexterity and imagination. New alphabet magnet for children to start writing. With the shapes magnet you can create different animals and objects from geometric shapes. And with transparent magnetic parts you will be able to create countless 3D figures.
Posters con stickers APLI Kids

Posters with stickers

New activity that consist of stick removable stickers on a giant poster of the world map or the city. Children will develop fine psychomotor skills and work multiple abilities!
Juego de gomets APLI Kids

Stickers games

Fun stickers games with exclusive designs in original cardboard boxes. Children should fill out the drawing with the stickers relating shapes, sizes or elements. New animals and geometric stickers!

DIY Mosaico Jungla APLI Kids

Jungle mosaic

New mosaic to fill with illustrated stickers of EVA foam with jungle designs. The ideal game to develop dexterity and precision. An educational game for small artist!
Stickers APLI


New stickers with designs for the smallest of the house. With different designs of animals, hearts, unicorns and stars, and different sizes.
Stickers Navidad APLI

Christmas Stickers

New Christmas stickers ideal for decorating gifts, cards or other Christmas details.