lápices colores

Display of 24 color pencils

Canisters of 24 assorted colored pencils. Hexagonal shaped pencils to ease the grip. Each display includes 6 canisters.
pizarra magnetica xl

XL magnetic board

New magnetic board in XL size. This product helps to develop fine motor skills, memory and imagination, encourages concentration and promotes logical-mathematical skill.


Display of kaleidoscopes with 4 different designs: Robots, Wild Animals, Funny Monsters and Happy Pets. Spin the tube and experience a vibrant light show!
gomets rollo metalizados

Rolls of metallic educational stickers Ø45 mm – Gold and silver

Rolls of round educational stickers with gold and silver finish. Permanent adhesive. Size of Ø 45 mm. Ideal to get familiar with educational stickers.


We launch new stickers with different designs and finishes! Realistic dogs and cats, spaceships with metallic details, planets, musician animals and transport animals with holographic finish... Hours of fun for the little ones!
stickers luminiscentes

Luminiscent stickers – Space, Unicorns and Star & moon

Bag of stickers that glow in the dark. Available in three models: Space, Unicorns and Star & moon. Made by EVA foam.
gomets animales realistas

Realistic thematic educational stickers

Realistic thematic educational stickers on three animal models: insects, butterflies and marine animals. Each bag includes two sheets of educational stickers.
animales en su habitat

Realistic thematic educational stickers animals in their habitat

Bag of realistic educational stickers in rectangular format with animals in their habitat. Two models available: Savannah and Forest. Ideal for children to begin to relate different wild animals with their real aspects.
gomets corazon bolsa

Heart shaped educational stickers in bag

Heart shaped educational stickers in bag with removable adhesive. 8 different colors and 3 assorted sizes.
gomets hexagonales

Hexagonal multicolor educational stickers in bag

Hexagonal educational stickers in bag with removable adhesive. 8 different colors and 3 assorted sizes.