pizarras mágicas

Solar system and Cats magic boards

Magic boards display to use over and over again. The game is simple: draw with the included plastic pen and erase to draw again by pulling out the cardboard.
Portarrollos nordik

Self-adhesive tape dispenser – Nordik Collection

Display of self-adhesive tape dispensers with soft touch finish. The display contains 8 dispensers of different Nordik colors in individual PVC box.
porta mascarillas

Silicone mask holder with button closure

New silicone mask holders with soft texture in display of 18 units. Ideal to protect surgical masks. Available in 6 different colors.
pack lápices

Pencil packs – Nordik Collection

Display of packs of graphite pencils with eraser in Nordik colors. Each display contains 12 packs of 8 pencils.
washi tape

Packs of paper self-adhesive tape

New packs of 4 paper adhesive tapes, Washi Tape type. Available in Nordik or Fluor colors. Each pack includes 4 rolls of 15 mm x 10 m.
estuches neopreno

Neoprene rectangular pencil cases – Nordik Collection

We launch a new display of pencil cases of the Nordik Collection range! This time of neoprene, a high quality, durable and resistant material. They have an enameled zipper reinforcement for greater durability.
bloc magic painting

Magic painting bloc

New magic coloring spiral bloc. Activity to color the illustrations and, once painted, use the white "magic" marker to create stripes on top and watch how it magically changes the color.
bloc color stripes

Color stripes bloc

New spiral bloc for coloring with colored stripes. The objective is to color by making stripes to simulate the fur of animals and the texture of their clothes. Ideal game to take on a trip!
APLI Power Dots

APLI Power Dots

New reference of ultra-adhesive rectangular APLI Dots. Transparent adhesive pieces capable of supporting up to 4 kg per rectangle. Ideal for attaching pictures to the wall without making holes.
estuches kraft

Kraft rectangular pencil cases

New display of 12 multipurpose pencil cases of the Kraft Collection range. The pencil cases have a Kraft finish and include a pink, purple, blue or pastel green zipper. They are ideal for school and everyday use.