Hydroalcoholic gel in spray 30 ml

Hydroalcoholic gel 30 ml. for hand disinfection and cleaning. Cleans and provides total hand hygiene without the need to use water.


Hydroalcoholic gel 1000 ml

Hydroalcoholic gel 1000 ml. for hand disinfection and cleaning. Cleans and provides total hand hygiene without the need to use water.


Sachet alcohol cleaning wipes 20 units

Sachet hydroalcoholic wipes for disinfection and cleaning. Specially indicated for computer equipment, desks, telephones...

Strongly disinfectant and effective due to its 70% ethanol content.

clipboards nordik

Clipboards A5 – Nordik Collection

Clipboards made of rigid wood from Nordik Collection. Dimensions 155 x 225 mm, A5 format. The metallic clip helps to firmly hold the papers to write better. Scratch resistant and highly durable board made of 3 mm thick wood. Display and individual references are available
tira expositora

Assorted display strip school complements

Display strip with metal hook with an assortment of school accessories. The strip contains an assortment of 9 references of labels, identification bracelets, patches and marking tapes for children's clothing in kindergarten and school.

tela adhesiva

Adhesive fabric color dots

Adhesive fabric pack, A4 size. Dots pattern with different background colors: yellow, turquoise, blue and salmon.

etiquetas navidad

Christmas Gift Labels

New Christmas theme gift tags. 4 designs available with different finishes: metallic and glitter. High quality permanent adhesive labels ideal for tagging and identifying gifts, writing dedications, etc.

Christmas stickers

Bags of Christmas stickers with different themes and materials. Stickers with permanent adhesive, ideal for scrapbooking; sticking on books and folders; decorating albums, letters, invitations, presents and cards; creating stories or simply personalizing objects.

stickers transfer

Transfer stickers

New transferable sticker bags with Koalas, Flowers and Mermaids themes. Includes a wooden stick as a tool for scratching and adhering the stickers, ideal for decorating your favorite objects!

gomets metalizados

Rolls of round-shaped educational stickers Ø33 mm metallic gold and silver

Roll of round educational stickers of Ø33 mm in metallic gold color with permanent adhesive. Each roll contains 59 pre-cut sheets for easy detachment, 708 stickers per roll.