Adhesive white board in roll 2 x 1 m

Ref. 100360
Whiteboard roll with repositionable adhesive. Size 2 x 1 m and 100 µ thick. Easy to cut to adjust to the desired size. Can be placed on any solid and smooth surface: Wood, ceramic, metal, glass, walls, plastic, tiles, etc. Repositionable adhesive on non-porous surfaces. Easy and quick to clean with a conventional eraser or a dry cloth. The perfect complement for the home, school, a shop or the office: - Home: to place in the kitchen and create calendars and task charts; or to put in the children's room for them to have fun painting and inventing stories. - School: to have an additional whiteboard in the classroom, for staff room meetings, in the corridors to post information, in the gym where there is little space, etc. - Trade: Restaurant menus, offers, special communications, etc. - Office: useful in meeting rooms, during project presentations, taking note of tasks, booking rooms, studios, etc. INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: 1. Cut the whiteboard to the desired dimensions with the help of the guide printed on the back. 2. Remove the protective film over the adhesive, starting from one corner, begin to stick the board to the desired surface, little by little. 3. Slowly remove the film while pressing the board with a dry cloth from top to bottom to avoid air bubbles.
Security warnings

To ensure correct operation of the product, only use marker pens apt for whiteboards.
If you are not sure of the suitability of the chosen surface, cut off a small piece and stick it to a discrete area of the surface. Leave it for 2-3 days and then remove it to observe the result.


Dimensions of the product

2 x 1 m


Presentation format


1 roll

Sales format
Sale unit
Adhesivo reposicionable
Repositionable adhesive