Color Sticks fluorescent 6 g 6 u.

Ref. 14404
Solid poster paint Color Sticks, in fluorescent colours. Pack with 6 units of 6 g in different colours: fluorescent yellow, fuchsia, fluorescent blue, fluorescent green, fluorescent orange and fluorescent purple. Ideal for drawing and painting on paper, cardboard, card, etc. APLI's Color Sticks do not stain; they have a satin finish, so they do not need varnish; and they dry quickly, in less than 3 minutes. Sharp, vivid and intense colours. You can achieve different finishes according to the pressure exerted: light pressure = crayon effect; a lot of pressure = tempera effect. When the drawing is finished, it does not crack, it remains flexible. Does not contain solvents. Recommended for children of 3 years or older.
Security warnings

May contain small components. Danger of suffocation. Use under the supervision of an adult.


Fluorescent yellow
Amarillo fluorescente
Fluorescent blue
Lila fluorescente
Fluorescent orange
Fluorescent green

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