Penguins balancing game

Ref. 17203
Balancing game with high-quality wooden pieces. Each game contains 16 wooden pieces with penguin designs, a wooden base in the shape of an iceberg and a dice with the colours of the pieces. The game consists in throwing the dice and placing the penguins, of the colour indicated by the dice, one balanced on top of the other without falling. There are three different sizes of penguins to make the game more amusing. Balancing games allow children to improve their motor skills, encouraging memory, creativity and concentration. In addition, as it is a game for all the family, this game helps to improve social interaction of the kids and express their emotions. Children will also begin to experience the sense of competition and learn to win and lose. Recommended for children of 4 years or older.
Security warnings

May contain small components. Danger of suffocation. Use under the supervision of an adult.


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1 game

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Cardboard box with window
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