Cut&Pacth paper Stars red background 3 sheets

Ref. 17222
Pack with 3 sheets of paper, Cut&Patch collection, Stars with red background model. Size: 30 x 50 cm. Ideal for decorating and personalising objects with the decoupage technique. Simply cut the sheets and stick them with the fixer varnish to redecorate any surface or object. Thanks to its high-quality and size, the Cut&Patch sheets allow large surfaces to be covered on any supports: paper mâché, glass, plastic, wood, ceramic, etc. Step-by-step instructions on the back of the pack. In addition, you also have the Cut&Patch varnish and brushes available for a perfect finish.


Dimensions of the product

30 x 50 cm

Presentation format


3 sheets

Sales format
Cardboard envelope with eurohole
Sale unit