Professions and its tools puzzle

Ref. 17238
Puzzle, Professions and their tools model, ideal for children to learn different professions and what is needed to exercise them. The game includes 36 pieces size 7 x 7 cm, with a total of 12 sequences formed by 3 pieces each. Tough pieces, safe and easy to handle, in 2 mm thick card with a shiny finish and Indiana on the back. Puzzles are ideal games for children, as while they enjoy themselves playing, it helps them to improve and develop many skills: Improve their concentration, observation, memory and problem-solving; and they also develop spatial perception, fine motor skills, shape-recognition, hand-eye coordination and mathematical skills. In addition, puzzles help them to improve their self-esteem and motivation, when they finish the game successfully. An ideal present for kids! Recommended for children of 3 years or older.
Security warnings

May contain small components. Danger of suffocation. Use under the supervision of an adult.


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