Rigid board display 180 x 280 mm

Ref. 18179
Display of rigid whiteboards using marker pens. Size: 180 x 280 mm. Double-sided: one side white and the other with a grid. Includes 2 whiteboard marker pens (black and blue) and an eraser, both attach to the whiteboard. It has a hole at the top for hanging, if you wish. Excellent quality writing, as well as erasing, offers the possibility to erase even after several days. Ideal for use in schools and at home: In sports, to solve problems in the class, to play at home, etc. The cardboard display includes 10 whiteboards. Safety warning: For correct performance of the product, only use whiteboard markers. If you are not sure the whiteboard will stick to the chosen surface, cut off a small piece and stick it to a discrete part of the surface. Leave it adhered for 2-3 days and then observe the result when trying to remove it.
Security warnings

Utilizar solo rotuladores aptos para pizarras para asegurar el buen funcionamiento del producto.


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180 x 280 mm


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1 display

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