Memory from Algo de Jaime collection

Ref. 18315
Memory of animals from Algo de Jaime collection. Includes 24 pieces to associate the 12 different designs and stimulate the memory of kids. Easy handling of this memory game for the little ones: resistant round pieces, safe and easy to handle. With exclusive illustrations of wild animals. Presented in a practical box with exclusive design and original illustrations. Ideal game for kids, because while they have fun playing, they help them to improve and develop a multitude of skills and abilities. Recommended for children from 3 years old. The Memory is exclusively illustrated by Jaime, a young illustrator with autism. Jaime has communication and sociability problems, but he is also free to see things differently. He is an illustrator, singular, tireless and special. He always liked to draw and that has become his main activity, a way of expressing himself that we love. This project is based on his abilities and aspires to be his work, the one that allows him to have a future in a normalized environment.

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