APLI Power Dots. Double-sided ultra adhesive pieces. Removable adhesive. 12 pcs.

Ref. 18779
Ultra adhesive transparent pieces APLI Power Dots with PREMIUM quality. Each pack includes 12 adhesive rectangles size 30 x 34 mm, with extra strong and removable adhesive. Each piece has a resistance of 4kg and withstands temperatures between -30º and 150º. Adhesive rectangles with glue are a perfect solution for multiple uses at home, in the office and at school. Safe and easy to use and do not stain or leave any trace as, even though they are very strong and durable, they can be removed from surfaces and objects when required. Effectively replaces other methods of adhesion that leave residue or damage surfaces such as liquid adhesives, adhesive tapes, staples, clips or tacks.Ideal for adhering frames to walls with no drilling holes. How to use: Detach from the sheet by cutting along the perforations, discard the protective film, press the dot firmly onto the surface and detach the transparent protection.



Presentation format


1 envelope with dots

Sales format
Cardboard envelope with eurohole
Sale unit
Adhesivo extrafuerte
Extra strong adhesive
Adhesivo removible
Removable adhesive