Display of packs of 8 pencils with glitter finish and eraser - Glitter Collection 12 u.

Ref. 18780
Display of packs of graphite pencils with eraser on top and body with glitter finish. Each display contains 12 pencil packs of 8 pencils.  The individual packs contain 8 pencils in different colors from Glitter Collection: lilac, pink, fuchsia, red, green, blue, sky blue and yellow with glitter finish. The lead of the pencils is HB 2 mm, ideal for use at home, schools and offices. The display stand size is 160 x 270 x 190 mm and each pack measures 30 x 190 x 25 mm (width x height x thick). The pencils are 19.5 cm long (eraser included).


Dimensions of the product

30 x 190 x 25 mm

Presentation format


1 display

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Sale unit