04 Mar. 2024

¡Activities to celebrate Easter!

Manualidad Pascua APLI

There is little left for holidays and Easter time! During the holidays, children have more free time to do creative activities at home with the family. That’s why we propose three fun crafts easy to do at home.

Material needed:

  • Coloured felt.
  • Coloured cardboards.
  • Feathers.
  • Pipe cleaners.
  • Wool.
  • Glue.
  • Stapler.
  • Scissors.
  • Pom-poms.
  • Markers. 
  • Moving eyes.
Materiales para manualidad de Pascua

Bunny and chick

These funny little animals will decorate the house and also the children will be able to put the Easter egg.

  1. Cut the shape of the bunny on a white cardboard and the shape of the chick on a yellow cardboard. You should make the arms in the shape of a rectangle.
  2. Glue the moving eyes to each little animal.
  3. Paint with marker the details of the animals: ears, snout, leg.
  4. Add a father to make the animals more fun.
  5. Finally, you can add the Easter eggs, decorated or of chocolate, between the arms of the character and glue it.
Manualidad Conejos y pollitos de Pascua

Bunny bag

Create this fun bag in the shape of a bunny to put the chocolates or candies to celebrate Easter.

  1. Cut two circles on white and pink felt. Cut the top of the white circle. 
  2. Staple the edges of the two circles to form a pocket.
  3. Cut two ears of pink and white cardboard, and glue them to the felt.
  4. Add two moving eyes, a pom-pom to create the snout, and draw the mouth with black marker.
  5. Ready! The little ones will be able to keep their sweets in this fun bag.
Bolsa de caramelos de Pascua

Bunnies garland

A garland is always a good idea to decorate the house for the festivities. Create this garland of rabbits with these simple steps.

  1. Cut out different shapes of a square with ears to represent a rabbit on cardboard of different colors.
  2. Add moving eyes.
  3. Glue pom-poms of different colors to create the snout,
  4. Finish decorating the rabbits with the marker creating different expressions to make the characters more fun.
  5. Make a hole in each ear to pass a wool to create the garland.
  6. You just have to hang it wherever you want!
Manualidad conejos de Pascua

We hope you have fun creating these crafts and enjoying family time. In our Instagram you will find step by step videos of how to do the different activities. And don’t forget to share your creativity with us!