01 Feb. 2024

Animals masks for this carnival

Máscaras para carnaval APLI Kids

Celebrate the magic of carnival with masks for painting and coloring of little animals! It is the perfect moment for the little artist of the house to let the creativity flow and immerse themselves in the festive spirit of the carnival.

Creating the carnival costume with your little one can be a very fun and unique activity to develop imagination and creativity. Here are ideas to create easy costumes with your children and their friends.

Material needed:

  • Masks paint and color
  • EVA foam sheets
  • Assorted paper pad
  • Pom-poms
  • Markers
  • Pipe cleaners
  • White glue
  • Scissors
Materials for handicraft APLI

First the kids must choose the pet they like best and… Let’s get to work!

Mask carnival paint and color


To create the hippopotamus, we first cut out the shape of the mask on a grey metallic paper and glued it. Then we cut out on white cardboard different details such as the eyes, the muzzle, the coat. And we’ve added the fun touch with two pompoms for the nose.

Hipopotamus costume APLI


We let the creativity flow and glued a pink cardboard to the base of the mask. Then we created the muzzle with EVA foam and glued two white pom-poms on the ears to simulate the fur. Finally, with pink marker we have drawn the eyebrows and with a black one the moustache.

Cat costume APLI Kids


To create the dog we have cut the ears in a dark brown cardboard, we have created the EVA foam muzzle and the coat with tissue paper.

Dog costume APLI Kids


First, we cut the base of yellow glazed paper. Then we created the nose with orange cardboard, the spots with EVA foam and the coat with red cardboard. Finally, we have glued two pieces of red EVA foam on the horns and two white pieces on the ears. 

Giraffe costume APLI Kids


We started by coloring the mask with red, and painted the muzzled yellow. With pipe cleaners we create moustaches. Finally, we added two yellow pom-poms on the ears.

Lion costume APLI Kids


Cut and paste brown cardboard on the sides of the mask. Create the eyes with beige EVA foam. Finally, let the creativity flow and paint the owl’s head in the colors you prefer to make the character more fun.

Owl costume APLI Kids

Children will let their creativity fly high and turn their costume into the star of the carnival! On our Instagram you will find the video of how we do these handicrafts. Do not forget to follow us and share your creativity!