09 Apr. 2024

Original bookmarks to encourage reading!

Marcapáginas para niños APLI

International Book Day is coming up, and to celebrate it we have created three fun and original bookmarks to make reading more fun. Encouraging children to read is critical to their cognitive, emotional, and social development. Creating bookmarks with kids can be a fun and creative activity that helps kids’ interest in reading. Here we leave you three easy and very original ideas.

Material needed:

  • Cardboard of colors.
  • EVA foam.
  • Felts.
  • Pipe cleaners.
  • Wool.
  • Moving eyes.
  • Wooden stickers.
  • Jumbo markers.
  • Theme stickers of eyes.
  • Bottoms.
  • Scissors.
  • White glue.
Booksmarks for children APLI

Monsters bookmarks

  1. Cut a rectangle of EVA foam.
  2. Create the nose by drawing it in the middle of the rectangle and then cutting it.
  3. Make a hole at the top and add a pipe cleaner with some fun shape.
  4. Finish decorating the monster by gluing the eye sticker and drawing the face.
  5. Let the imagination flow by combining the colors and expressions in the monsters!
Monsters bookmarks APLI

Animals bookmarks

  1. Paint the wooden sticks with the markers.
  2. Create fur or ears with felt clippings.
  3. Paste a button to create the snout.
  4. Finish decorating the animals in a fun way by gluing colored eye stickers.
Animals bookmarks APLI

Spaceships bookmarks

  1. Cut rectangles on colored cardboards.
  2. Add the details of the windows and door with cutouts of different colors.
  3. Draw characters on windows with markers.
  4. You can make a hole in the bottom so you can put a thread to hold it.
Spaceships bookmarks APLI

This activity will not only encourage children’s reading, but will also encourage children’s creativity and manual skills. And ideal handicraft to perform in class or at home with the family. On our Instagram you will find videos of how to do the handicraft step by step. Share with us your creativity!