14 Nov. 2019

Transfer your favourite photos!


If you had a good summer, you surely took thousands of photos during the holidays. But now you have returned to your everyday routine, your cup of coffee in the morning, work, school… the time has come to redecorate your things with memories of the summer! With today’s handicraft activity, you can put your favourite photos on the cup you use every morning, you can decorate the windows of the house, or simply make all sorts of decorations… So, you won’t forget all those good times!


– APLI Photo Transfer varnish.

– A paintbrush.

– Normal paper (80 g) to print the image.


Step 1

Print the photos you want to use for decoration on a sheet of normal paper. It should not be photo paper; any sheet of cellulose paper will be Ok. When this is done, decide where you want to transfer the image to and cut it out to adapt it to the support.

Apply a coat of APLI Photo Transfer varnish to the support as well as to the printed photo. Spread the varnish out uniformly.


Step 2

Place the varnished face of the photo onto the varnished part of the support where you want to transfer the photo to, and make sure it is smooth and not wrinkled, pressing it to ensure good adhesion.


Step 3

Leave the Photo Transfer varnish to dry for at least 12 hours.


Step 4

Take a glass of water and moisten your fingertips, then rub the paper of the photo you stuck with your fingertips. The paper will rub away and you will see the photo on the support clearly.


Step 5

Once all the paper has been removed and you can see the photo on the support, apply another coat of varnish to fix it with a glossy finish.


It’s very easy and quick to do! You can transfer images to all sorts of surfaces such as wood, metal, glass, canvas, ceramic… a brilliant handicraft activity to personalise and decorate with your favourite photos!