Manualidad Pascua APLI
04 Mar. 2024
There is little left for holidays and Easter time! During the holidays, children have more free time to do creative activities at home with the family. That’s why we propose three fun crafts easy to
Máscaras para carnaval APLI Kids
01 Feb. 2024
Celebrate the magic of carnival with masks for painting and coloring of little animals! It is the perfect moment for the little artist of the house to let the creativity flow and immerse themselves in
Magic Plastic APLI Kids
31 May. 2023
We present the game Magic Plastic for children to have fun performing this fun handcraft. Magic plastic turns drawings into 3D objects. Children can let their imagination flow or use the templates
Marcapáginas Sant Jordi APLI Kids
19 Apr. 2023
Here comes St George’s day, a party where roses and books are given to loved ones. It is a good tradition to introduce children to reading and encourage older children to read new books. This year we
Etiquetas para cocina
28 Feb. 2020
Glass jars have become ever more popular in the kitchen, to store pasta, rice, flour, legumes, spices and even biscuits and cereals. One of the benefits of using them is that food is preserved better
14 Nov. 2019
If you had a good summer, you surely took thousands of photos during the holidays. But now you have returned to your everyday routine, your cup of coffee in the morning, work, school… the time has come to redecorate your things with memories of the summer! With today’s handicraft activity, you can put your favourite photos on the cup you use every morning, you can decorate the windows of the house, or simply make all sorts of decorations… So, you won’t forget all those good times!