17 Oct. 2019

A frozen puzzle!


There is nothing summerier than ice lolly sticks! Summer, between one swim and another, is a perfect time to teach the kids words, syllables and, in addition, they have fun with them. Do you think it’s impossible? With today’s handicraft activity, you will make amusing DIY puzzles with lolly pop sticks, for the kids and with the kids.


Jumbo lolly pop sticks

Jumbo felt tip pens

Fluorescent coloured pencils

Home tape dispenser

Mechanical pencil


Step 1

Take the ice lolly sticks and join them together with cellotape on the back. Make groups of sticks as long as the word you want to use for the puzzle. In this case, we will use four sticks for our puzzle.


Step 2

Write a letter on each stick with the mechanical pencil. The kids can have fun recognising the meaning of the word and drawing it on the ice lolly sticks.


Step 3

Use the coloured pencils and the Jumbo felt tip pens to colour the drawing.


Step 4

Remove the cellotape from the back of the puzzle, shuffle the pieces and… let the fun begin!