Manualidad de marionetas de animales para niños APLI Kids
15 Jan. 2024
Handicrafts help children to enhance their creativity, patience, ability to concentrate and psychomotor skills. In addition, with this cold winter, it is a very fun activity to entertain the children
31 Aug. 2022
In a month, we’ll return to everyday routine, and the children will begin school eager to learn in a new course. A good way to avoid nervousness and stress is to prepare all the material needed to
17 Oct. 2019
There is nothing summerier than ice lolly sticks! Summer, between one swim and another, is a perfect time to teach the kids words, syllables and, in addition, they have fun with them. Do you think it’s impossible? With today’s handicraft activity, you will make amusing DIY puzzles with lolly pop sticks, for the kids and with the kids.