17 Oct. 2019
There is nothing summerier than ice lolly sticks! Summer, between one swim and another, is a perfect time to teach the kids words, syllables and, in addition, they have fun with them. Do you think it’s impossible? With today’s handicraft activity, you will make amusing DIY puzzles with lolly pop sticks, for the kids and with the kids.
08 Oct. 2018
Playing is essential for kids! Isn't that right? The way that our kids play can give us many clues to help understand their personality and play helps us strengthen certain skills, knowledge, and
30 Aug. 2018
Although there are still some days of summer left to enjoy, the time your children start the new school year is close. Preparations to return to school, as well as being an amusing activity, also
08 Aug. 2018
Did you know that your hands are the main input of information for the brain? Several studies have been carried out by neuroscientists, who since the 1960s have proven the crucial role of manual
02 Aug. 2018
It is obvious that artistic expression is highly beneficial for a child´s development and growth. Disciplines such as music, dance and painting are a part, to a greater or lesser extent, of a child´s
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27 Apr. 2018
You are #1! To reward or give prizes to children for good behaviour or because they have done some household chores very well or obtained good school marks is an excellent way to stimulate them and