11 Aug. 2023

Get ready for the children’s return to school: tips for a successful start!

Prepara la vuelta al cole con APLI

Returning to school is an important moment for parents and children. After a long break from the holidays, it is essential to prepare properly to ensure a successful start to the new school year. We leave you some useful tips to prepare the children’s return to school:

  1. Establish a routine

Before the first day of school, it is advisable to re-establish a regular routine. Adjust sleep and meal schedules to bring them closer to school hours. This will help children get used to the new schedules and avoid the difficulty of waking up early on the first day. Remind them of their daily tasks and start this routine a few days earlier, so the kids can get used to the idea. During the course, you can use the magnetic reward board, where you can write down the names of two children and the days of the week and assign them five tasks. You will carry together the control of the tasks done in an easy and fun way so that the children acquire responsibilities.

Vuelta al cole con APLI

  1. Update school materials

Check the list of school supplies provided by the school and make sure you have everything you need. Textbooks, notebooks, pencil, and all the material required. It is also a good time to personalize all materials with adhesive labels or markers to avoid loss or confusion.

Prepara la vuelta al cole con APLI

  1. Organize the study space

Create a suitable study atmosphere at home. Designate a quiet, well-lit area where children can do their homework and study. Make sure you have the necessary school supplies. And orderly and well-prepared workspace helps foster concentration and academic achievement.

Prepara la vuelta al cole con APLI

  1. Encourages motivation and enthusiasm

Help your kids get excited about going back to school. Talk about the new friendships they will make, the interesting projects they will carry out and the learning opportunities that await them. Explain the benefits of education and how it will help them grow and develop. Showing enthusiasm and motivation will help them adapt more easily to the new school environment.

Prepara la vuelta al cole con APLI

  1. Setting realistic goals and expectations

Talk to your kids about their goals and expectations for the new school year. Help them set achievable and realistic goals, both academic and personal. Encourage them to strive and pursue their goals, but remind them that learning and personal growth are more important than qualifications.

Prepara la vuelta al cole con APLI

The children’s return to school can be an exciting and meaningful moment for them. Follow these tips to have a successful course start. Establishing a routine, organizing the study space, updating school materials, encouraging motivation, and setting goals are key steps along with communicating with teachers. Prepare your children for a return to school full of enthusiasm and motivation. In APLI we will be at your side throughout this motivation school year!