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24 Jan. 2019
Failed to find anything in the sales? Is your wardrobe full of clothes that you no longer wear? Well, now is the time to give them a second opportunity! Take note of these ideas to extend the life of
25 Jul. 2018
Today, we will present a very simple and quick to make handicraft activity that will personalise and make your backpacks or eco-bags fun. This is so easy that you can do it perfectly with children any
12 Jul. 2017
Con el calor del verano nos pasaríamos el día comiendo fruta, sandía, piña... ¿y si además las llevamos puestas? Hoy os enseñamos a hacer unos bolsitos que van a causar sensación en la playa
17 May. 2017
There is something irresistible about babies´ feet, you feel like smothering them with kisses. So, we have thought up a handicraft to dress up those sweet little feet. A pair of light and delicate
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23 Sep. 2016
Do you have to give someone a present made by you and you don't know what to give? Then pay attention to this easy and amusing handicraft, we're sure that the receiver will love it ;) MATERIALS APLI
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14 Jul. 2016
Who hasn't imagined being Mary Antoinette, walking through the Palace of Versailles carrying a lace fan? Well, we can't promise that you'll be tele-transported to those marvellous gardens, but at