Manualidad341X282_Collar botones
22 Jul. 2016
Buttons have infinite uses, although the one that comes to our mind is always the same: to close shirts. And although it isn't the first time we show you handicraft activities with them, we hope that
06 May. 2016
There is nothing that we like more than a friend thinking of us and making us a gift, but even more if it is customised....and now we have more reasons that ever to give a big hug whoever gives us a
19 Sep. 2014
Spring is overrated. Ok, so the weather is better, the days are longer, you can wear new clothes...but this is not the only time when the plants are in flower! Yes, really! There are flowers that come
08 May. 2014
Baby, you are oozing style, class, glamour. We are going to cause a sensation at school with these exclusive and handmade bracelets. MATERIALES Apli wooden lollipop sticks Apli washitape A glass of
08 Nov. 2013
It doesn't take much money to have valuable jewellery. And there is nothing more valuable than something that you've made by yourself. Today we will make a handicraft that girls will love: a cardboard
Anillo para el día de la madre Apli
08 Nov. 2013
And when it comes to your mother, not even diamonds from Tiffany´s can match the value of a ring made by her little one with his or her own little hands. For mother's day, we want to make the most