31 Aug. 2022
In a month, we’ll return to everyday routine, and the children will begin school eager to learn in a new course. A good way to avoid nervousness and stress is to prepare all the material needed to
30 Aug. 2018
Although there are still some days of summer left to enjoy, the time your children start the new school year is close. Preparations to return to school, as well as being an amusing activity, also
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16 Jan. 2018
How can this be? With the kids’ favourite animal erasers: dinosaurs in every colour! Diplodocus, triceratops and spinosaurus in 5 different colours: red, blue, orange, yellow and lilac. These APLIKids
14 Sep. 2017
Today, we are going to show you how to make a pencil holder for school material with recycled cans. It will give a fun touch to your desk and, who knows, you may become great friends… MATERIALS APLI